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Further Trainings

New opportunities through further training – whenever & wherever you want to!

You’re living in the area Saarland - Lorraine - Luxembourg - Rhineland - Palatinate - Wallonia and you always wanted to do a further training but you did not have the time so far? It suits you to coach others in their learning process? If you have good skills in handling the internet, too, you should have a closer look at our e-learning offer!

We offer cross-border further trainings in two languages (German & French) which you can attend despite job, lack of mobility, time limits, despite restrictions to health or a disability. And you are the one who decides when or where you learn – whether you learn in the evening after work or in the morning when the children are at school.

New forms of learning and new ways

The courses are held completely online; there are no phases of attendance. The centre of learning is our online learning platform which is accessible for all. Here you can find the learning material of the courses and get in contact with your co-learners and your tutors. On certain dates announced in advance, you will find documents there to work through as well as tasks which you should perform alone or in a group of learners.
During the courses you'll be accompanied by qualified tele-tutors who will also assist you in case of technical questions and as regards content. You may contact them and your learning group by e-mail, chat, phone, a web forum and other means of modern communication.
The courses will be divided into several learning units with different learning objectives. There is no final exam but you will have to complete tasks during each learning unit which are essential for a certificate.

You'll need access to a computer with internet connection and an e-mail address for contacting. The courses are accessible for persons with different disabilities, chronic diseases or mental restraints.

As the realisation of the course originally was subsidized by EU funds, attendance was free of charge during the project. Now we have to charge fees. Please contact us for further details!

We are currently offering the following further trainings: