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Project @setera - Service Transfrontalier d'Enseignement et de Réadaptation à Distance

@setera was a European project in the framework of the eLearning initiative of the European Union. We further developed online-trainings which are accessible for people with several disabilities and which were originally drawn up during an EQUAL project called TELA. We then tested our trainings across the borders of the greater region Saarland/ Lorraine/ Luxembourg/ Rhineland-Palatinate/ Wallonia/ German speaking communities of Belgium. Our trainings were culturally adapted, translated and jointly offered in the participating countries on an online learning platform. Learners were accompanied by trained tutors.

Our aim was the improvement of supplementary competences as well as language proficiency relevant for the labour market by e-learning - and thus on the one hand an increase of mobility on the cross-border labour market of the greater region, on the other hand an improvement of participants' digital and self-learning competences. Furthermore, the cooperation of learners from different nations enhanced their intercultural competences, too. A heuristics for the transfer of our concept of accessible online-trainings to other border regions as well as a guide for accessible e-learning were measures meant to secure the sustainability of the project.