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Logo der AWIPH The Agence Wallonne pour l'Intégration des Personnes Handicapées (AWIPH) takes care of the interests of people with disabilities in the French speaking communities of Belgium. ...
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Ecole de Rééducation Professionnelle " Jean Moulin " (ERP)
Praxis-Logo The Ecole de Rééducation Professionnelle "Jean Moulin" (ERP) in Metz is a public institution of vocational training, enabling people with disabilities - or people who had to give up their job because of a disability and who now have to train for a new one....
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German Red Cross (DRK) Rhineland-Palatinate
Logo des DRK The German Red Cross (DRK) Rhineland-Palatinate has been working in the educational field for centuries. It supports several training institutions dedicated to the (further) training of disadvantaged people (migrants, women, persons with disabilities)...
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