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German Red Cross (DRK) Rhineland-Palatinate

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The German Red Cross (DRK) Rhineland-Palatinate has been working in the educational field for centuries. It supports several training institutions dedicated to the (further) training of disadvantaged people (migrants, women, persons with disabilities). (Further) training in the area of information technology is a vital part of teaching. Not only in the framework of training institutions, but also in model projects on a national and European level, the DRK was able to build up a broad spectrum of competences.

The European Vocational Training Centre is specialized in the vocational rehabilitation of young people.

DRK - German Red Cross Rhineland-Palatinate European Vocational Training Centre (Coordinating institution)
Angela Schneider
Henry-Dunant-Str. 1
D-54634 Bitburg
schneidera at
Phone +49 (0)6561-9453 556
Fax +49 (0)6561-9453-559

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