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Welcome to @setera

@setera was a European project in the framework of the eLearning initiative of the European Union. We further developed online-trainings which are accessible for people with several disabilities and which were originally drawn up during an EQUAL project called TELA.

Although the project officially ended in 2008, we still offer our further trainings. Feel free to contact us!

You'll also find our "Guide to Accessible Online-Trainings" here (see "conference & guide").

We're still busy!
Together with our transnational partners AWIPH (Agence wallonne pour l'intégration des personnes handicapées) in Belgium and ERP (Ecole de reconversion professionnelle) in France we were looking for a way to continue working together and found a new European organisation form, a "European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation" (EGTC). We applied, and it was looking well in the beginning though there was no precedence to our constellation. Those EGTCs existing in the European community were founded in cooperating governmental units.
Unfortunately it turned out that the Euro-BBW's structure, being run under the auspices of the German Red Cross Rhineland-Palatinate, does not meet the necessary conditions for a participation in an EGTC. We are now looking for other ways to a further cooperation across borders.

Are you living or working in the greater region? Or do you believe that our project could be interesting for your border region, too? Then we would like to invite you to contribute to the sustainability of our project.

Map of the greater region

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